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Written by Vasudeva Rao   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 11:42
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Vedas teach us not only the love of the human beings but also animals too. Vedas support fraternity. But it also exhorts that we annihilate the unjust, evil doers and also the traitors. Vedas command us to kill the enemy who commits aggression on our nation. Now review the following Veda Mantras. 

               Vi na Indra mridho jahee neechaa yacha pritannyatah|

                Adhamam gamaya tamo yo Asman abhidasathi||            Atharva1.21.2 

                 He the King! Kill our enemies. Take the army and put down the aggressors. Make them the fodder of death of those who intend to enslave and destroy us,. Vedas announce

             Yaathu dhanaan vi lapaya||                                                  Atharva 1.7.2 

                 Hey Agni! You eliminate the enemies, tormentors and wrongdoers.      


          Avasrishtaa paraa patha sharavye brahmasamshithe|

          Jaya mitraan pra padhysva jahyesham varamvarm ma meesham mochi kaschana||

                                                                                                        Atharva 3.19.8

                    Hey the armed Kshtriya!  After being taught from Brahmin Gurus, fall upon the enemies. Become victorious over the enemies. Go forward. And having got infiltrated in the enemy camp, destroy the head of the enemy. Be careful! See that none escapes.  

                Vyagra pratikova Bhadasya Shatroon|                             Atharva 4.22.7

                          Hey the King!  Tear down the enemy like a Tiger. Telling the way the enemies are to be destroyed Vedas declare,

                Akshshv ni vidhdya hridayam ni vidya jihwaam ni trindhi pra tho mrineehi|

                Pishacho Asya yathamo jaghasaagne ya vishta prathi tam srineehee||

                                                                                                             Atharva 5.29.4  

                             Hey the commander! Tear away the enemy. Tear away their hearts. Cut the tongue of enemies. Break their teeth.  Hey the Radiant!   See that those who destroy the nation and its wealth are burnt down and totally eliminated.  

            Yo nah soma sushamsino dhushamsa adideshathi|

            Vajrenaasya mukhe jahee sa   sampisto apayathi||                   Atharva 6.6.2 

                          Hey Soma! The peaceful natured King!  You wield the terrible Vajrastra against those unjust, evil forces who intend to enslave us. Let your lethal blow scatter and   powder them.  

                           Jahee rakshasah parvatena||                 Atharva8.4.19    

                         Hey the King! Finish off the demons with Parvataastra and bow and arrows.

                 Evil people, traitors, and enemies, be they are women or men are fit to be eliminated.       What Vedas say in this regard?  

         Indram Jahee pumamsam yatudhanamutha streeyam mayaya shaasadanaam|

         Vigrivaso mooradevaa ridantu ma the drishansuryamucharantham||

                                                                                                     Atharvaveda 8.4.24

                           Hey Indra!  King!  Destroy the tormenting man and deceptive woman. Remove their necks forthwith. They should not be able to see the Sun tomorrow. 

               Only on the basis of this Mantra Vishwmitra orders Sri Ram to slay Tataki as under. 

                        Nahee the streevadhakrithe grinakarya   narothama|

                        Chaturvarnahitartha he kartyavam rajasununaa|| 

                             Hey Ram!  No doubts should arise in your mind about killing of a woman. Because pursuing the best interests of Chaturvanya is the duty of Kshatriyas. 

            Ordering the heroes Vedas declare, 

                         Uthistatha sam nahridwamudaaraah ketubhih sah|

                          Sarpaa etharajanaa rakshaamsyamitrananu dhavatha


                                    Hey the liberal Soldiers who are ready to sacrifice your lives! Up with your people and be ready. Hey the heroes who are ready to unleash the deadly arms!  All of you should proceed and wage war. What type of war? 

                           Ye rathino ye aratha asadaa ye cha saadinah|

                            Sarvaanadantu taan hataan gridrah shyenaah pathatrinah||

                                                                                            Atharva 11.10.24 

                              Kill the charioteers, horsemen, and also men without chariots and horses. Let these dead become food for vultures and crows.  


             How useful these thoughts are, in protecting the Nation and destroying the enemies could easily be gauged.  If in spite of these lofty and inspiring thoughts the country becomes enslaved then it could be termed only as misfortune of the country.    



Inspiring thoughts from Vedas from Late Jagadeeshwarananda Saraswathi.

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Vijay  - Don't understand | |Y-m-d H:i:s
avatar I don't understand this sentence

Atharva 11.10.24
Kill the charioteers, horsemen, and also men without chariots, and horses. Let
these dead become food for vultures and crows.

Are we not suppose to not kill the horses according ti Yajur Veda ?
Agniveer  - On killing horses | |Y-m-d H:i:s
avatar The Mantra does not say that we kill horses. It says that criminals regardless
of they being on horses and chariots or not should be killed. So it is men who
are supposed to be killed and not their horses.
Amar  - Whole sentence | |Y-m-d H:i:s
avatar Good quetion. If you read the whole sentence you see that there are three group
of warriors, charioteers, horsemen and men without chariots and horses.

The Sanskrit text would probably help because of the language structure.
Vijay  - re: On killing horses | |Y-m-d H:i:s
Agniveer wrote:
The Mantra does not say that we kill horses. It says that criminals regardless
of they being on horses and chariots or not should be killed. So it is men who
are supposed to be killed and not their horses.

yes you are right ! I was tired yesterday ! Thanks for the answer. I like your
website ! Can you provide more verse from the Veda in the near future ? It Will
be very interesting ;)
Shilpa S Inamdar  - Thank You | |Y-m-d H:i:s
avatar Namaskar.

Just wanted to thank you for the immense information.

Thank You.


sash  - re: re: On killing horses | |Y-m-d H:i:s
avatar [hi

please send me mantras to destroy enemies i got some problems.thank you
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